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10 .30 am - to 4.30 pm  £40.…..bring  packed  lunch     
Weekday or weekends.

Suitable for anyone. The day aims to provide a quiet, retreat- like atmosphere to encourage and focus on relaxation.  A series of planned relaxation and meditation sessions will awaken your senses and you will become more aware of the fullness and richness of life.       

Will leave you feeling  refreshed, invigorated, ready and eager for the days ahead. It will also help you to be more ‘in tune’ with the needs of yourself and others.

Refreshment drinks provided. Please bring a packed light lunch.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes.  

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This is a book for those who are interested in the mysteries of Life and may be at a crossroads, questioning their reality and their roles in Life. This is not a book about any religion or dogma related to the spiritual world, just thoughts and ideas of a humble writer. Inside is read more here

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