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2018 Learn to Meditate 10am to 4.30pm £45
Sat Feb 17th, Sat Mar 17th, Sun May 15th, Tue April 16th, Weds June 13th Fri July 13th, Sat Aug 25th, Sat Sept 29th, Sat Oct 20th, Weds Nov 7th

Who is this day for?
This day is for beginners and those who have perhaps stopped or hesitated for whatever reason of their own but wish to pick up again the challenge of who they are.
Why learn to meditate?
It is proved the mental stilling of the mind helps to recharge tired body energies and relax a stressed state of mind. This effective condition can bring feelings of well-being and can even return your body to a healthier state.
It is possible for all willing participating people to learn techniques to aid this process. Try not to prioritise the spiritual aspect as this sometimes brings a psychological block as you feel you are venturing into the unknown. See it more as another state of being you can bring to each day, safely and with awareness that “all is well, I can do this.”
Firstly, gently, it is about reminding yourself you are ‘YOU’- helping you see things clearly, defining difficulties and challenges, enabling you to prioritise them.
It is our aim to relax you; help rebalance your body, calming your state of mind, encouraging you to feel good about yourself and your world. Take this next step.
You can bring a notebook and pen, but these can be provided.
Bring a light packed lunch. Teas, water and coffee are provided

2018 Retreat Day 10am to 4pm £40
Sun FEB18th, Sun APR15th, Sun JUNE10th, Sun AUG26th, Sun OCT 21st,Sun DEC2nd
Something a little different for you, spoil and give some time to yourself out of your busy routine – you won’t regret it! This day is suitable for anyone from age 18 upwards and aims to provide a quiet, retreat- like atmosphere to encourage and focus on relaxation. A series of planned relaxation and meditation sessions will awaken your senses and you will become more aware of the fullness and richness of life. Explore your emotions and any other thoughts that may occur. write down your feelings, it can often stir the creative mind reminding you of old thoughts, plans and ideas that you never carried out, but you are now given a signal to do something about it!
Today will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, ready and eager for the days ahead. It can help you to be more ‘in tune’ with the needs of yourself and others.

You can bring a notebook and pen, but these can be provided.
Bring a light packed lunch. Teas, water and coffee are provided
Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

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