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We are very pleased to announce another wonderful healing course being held here at Malindi Centre.
Spiritual Psychotherapy©

2018 A Monday to Friday, 5-day non-residential course at Malindi Centre near Carmarthen.

WL 1 June 11th to June 15th 10 am to 5 pm daily

WL 1 October 8th to October 12th 10 am to 5 pm daily

This first introductory course is open to all who wish to move forward and empower themselves through spiritual knowledge

About Spiritual Psycho-therapeutics©
Spiritual Psychotherapy is based on the fact that within creation all things are whole and perfect - any imperfections which appear are the effects of misapplied natural laws which govern the rhythms and harmonies of balanced life.
In each course there flows healing to the body, mind and spirit depending upon your increasing attunement.

The course content and atmosphere have the possibility of penetrating into the third dimensional self, aura and chakras to create an additional cloak of protection. All levels of the whole person can be improved and strengthened.

Spiritual psychotherapy© is very wide and comprehensive in its practise. No source of natural healing is left untapped. Therefore, instruction in well-balanced living, the avoidance of excess in any form and a practical acceptance of medicine and treatment in right perspective is encouraged for all therapies embrace some aspect of truth and have a contribution to make.

There are 10 courses which must be taken in sequence starting with Course I. No preliminary qualification is required for course 1 but it is recommended to submit your thesis after this and each succeeding higher course before proceeding to the next one. You will be helped by sufficient dictation.
To write a Thesis can increase your attunement concentration, meditational and intuitional ability. ©
NB: Each course has a duration of 5 consecutive days

A Basic Introduction to Spiritual Psycho-Therapy:
A look at 'man' physical and non -physical;
Visible and invisible, Healing practices
Atma (true self) ©

The Nature of Being:
Conscious & Subconscious Mind
Esoteric Philosophy & Mysticism
Evolution of personality & character ©

Soul - Spirit - Ego:
A more mystical course;
Our identity and individuality become clearer ©

Philosophy and Meditations
The meditational ability deepens;
The practical mystic is being forged ©

The Many States of Being & Colour Therapy:
The student begins to become the teacher;
The student begins to become the teacher;
- we become a true representative of all the things we know
A deep sense of belonging develops ©

Master Class 1:
How to -
See draw and interpret the aura
Attune to inspiration and channelling ©


Master Class 1:
How to -
See draw and interpret the aura
Attune to inspiration and channelling ©

Master Class 2:
Healing with the Ascended Masters
Training in Mental Mediumship and channelling ©

Master Class 3:
The Universe and beyond
Chakras ©

Mysticism –
True Spirituality –
The Occult ©

Copyright © 2008-2018

The cost of first course WL1© is £250.00 which includes teas and refreshments daily, mornings and afternoons: concessions are possible when agreed.
Please bring indoor slippers for comfort, a blanket and cushion for meditation.
Tea and coffee breaks available
Bring outdoor clothing as walks in garden woodland during lunchtime is possible.
Please note: no recording devices allowed.

Your other costs are:
A light packed lunch daily
Bring an A4 note pad and coloured pencils. Extra pen and paper can be provided.
Overnight bed and breakfast and evening meal if you wish to stay locally
(There are a variety of reasonably priced local bed and breakfast accommodations nearby for those wishing to stay over during the course.) Please ask for details.

The Tutor
Julianna MacGregor is foremost a Mystic, healer and clairvoyant. She began reading tea cups and healing plants and animals in her early teens. Although gaining a BSc Hons in Geology her pathway into the holistic world manifested in her late 20’s. During the following years Julianna became a Healer Teacher for the World Federation of Healers, Sussex Healers and BMSI and is now Teacher/Assessor for HPAI. She has helped heal hundreds of people over the years.

In the mid 90's White Lodge spiritual psycho-therapeutic courses 1-8 were attended. They are now added to and expanded forming the Wisdom and Light courses 1-10.
Her clairvoyance has led her to assisting forensic departments and the CID. She has also organised many MBS events throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire and Manchester.

Her vision into other realms has continued to occur throughout her life; aiding her understanding of the wonders that are all around us.

Julianna works privately providing clairvoyant mediumistic readings. Aura interpretations and drawings by Julianna can also provide links to your guides and loved ones through psychic art.

Spiritual Healing is also available distant or on a 1:1 basis.

Julianna now teaches spiritual development, a variety of workshops and Wisdom and Light Courses© in various locations in London, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales and overseas.
Other locations are possible upon request.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +44 7989 880561

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