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Room HIre

Room HIre

Weekend One Day Courses

Weekend One Day Courses

Integrative Counselling

Integrative Counselling

Dr Kale Visit

Omni and Reiki and meditation, a visit by Dr Sameer Kale from India to further Energy Healing and Meditations for all who are interested. Ask for a leaflet.

Available in May 2020 at Malindi Centre

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2020 The Violet Flame Chakra Awakening Workshop 10 am to 4:30 pm £70 + £20 deposit required

March 21st Saturday more info | book

Mary Magdalene & The Divine Feminine Workshop 10 am to 5 pm £70 + £20 deposit required

July 18th more info | book

Look after yourself

A great present to Yourself at this time of year. Reiki and Omni Energy Training, fully accredited and insurable to self-heal, partner-heal and distance heal for family, friends and/or clients. Training is regularly available, monthly in West Wales at Malindi Centre. 01559 372395

Malindi Healing & Teaching Centre in Carmarthenshire

Malindi Centre is a holistic retreat and spiritual healing and teaching centre in Wales. Since September 2001, the Malindi Holistic Centre in Carmarthenshire, Wales has been providing the most tranquil of settings in order for you to learn more about yourself through various teachings.

Malindi healing and teaching centre Carmarthenshire WalesThere is Spiritual Development and Meditation, Omni Healing, Omni Kriya Energy Massage and Usui Reiki training and various self-development workshops. With a focus on deep, profound healing and inner learning, the purpose-built healing centre is peaceful yet accessible.

Stephanie Jones, the founder of Malindi Healing teaching Centre, is a teacher and practitioner in Omni Healing and Omni Kriya (Energy Massage), which are energy systems she learned from India and she now teaches to practitioner or personal level. She also teaches Usui Reiki to Master Practitioner Teacher level.

“Since we first opened in 2001, we have evolved to meet the growing need for better health and relaxation”, Stephanie explained. “Each of these teachings helps you to learn about yourself and takes away the need for you to rely on others. It’s also the knowledge you can pass on and help others become empowered.”

Malindi healing and teaching centre provides holistic care for Health, Healing and Relaxation with fully qualified, caring healers and tutors and health practitioners and is also available for room or venue hire.

Based in a popular tourist area of Wales, the centre is not residential, but this opens up this beautiful part of the country for you to visit.

We use Energy Healing systems such as Omni Healing systems from India Traditional Usui Reiki from Japan Various Meditation Techniques

Usui reiki training in Wales

We provide: Energy healing treatments and teachings and have successfully been offering Omni and Usui Reiki Accredited Courses for the Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion areas of West Wales since 2001.

Relaxation half days and full days, Retreat days, Meditation days and tuition. Various self-interest courses to learn and expand one’s own field of knowledge
We have events such as 'Omni & Meditation' with Shivananda, Dr Sameer Kale, who is a Guru from India, being both a Grand Master of Traditional Usui Reiki and Great Grand Master of Omni.


Malindi Centre also offers Integrative Counselling Therapy in Carmarthenshire thanks to 2 therapists that work from our rooms for hire. read more

Room Hire Carmarthenshire & Room Hire Ceredigionshire

At Malindi we offer room hire for practitioners and teachers of complementary therapies and interests. This is such a peaceful space, it can also suit musicians, so if you are looking for rehearsal rooms in the Carmarthen area, give us a call.